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  • Detects 99% of Modern Bugs and Hidden Cameras.
  • Latest Technology Anti-spy detector.
  • Don’t be a victim to creeps, spies, stalkers, and competitors.

Hidden Devices Might Be Spying On You Even When You Are Reading This

Are you afraid that hidden cameras might be spying on you when you travel, go to a dressing room in the clothing store, public toilet, or take a shower in the fitness club? Concerned your competitors will find out your secrets by placing bugs in your office? Worried your jealous spouse will spy on you and use all the materials against you? We don't like to admit it, but snoops, spies, and stalkers are in our neighborhoods, schools, places of business, and even places where we should feel safe.

Did you know that a drumbeat of news stories revealed an emerging trend throughout last year, as one traveler after another discovered hidden cameras in their accommodations? Typically, these covert devices were cleverly embedded in innocuous-looking items such as smoke detectors, alarm clocks, phone chargers, and even shampoo bottles and deodorant sticks. In the past year, just a few of the places spycams were discovered include a Sydney hostel, a Miami Airbnb, and hotels from Tehri, India to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and Zhengzhou, China to San Francisco and Minneapolis. In South Korea, a crime ring was busted after secretly filming and live-streaming over 1,600 motel guests' actions.

The most miniature hidden camera so far detected was embedded inside the cross of a Phillips-screw head. To the naked eye, it just blends in and is not visible at all.

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Here is how you can protect yourself

When you suspect you are being followed, stalked, or watched, or you want to be precautious about your privacy, it's time to invest in the anti-spy detector. Find out if the handyman bugged your house with a hidden camera or if the oil change mechanic is tracking your child's car, or if the hideaway place for romantic moments is not so hideaway after all. A good spy detector and detect devices of all sorts, including Wireless RF Signal, Hidden Cameras, GSM/CDMA Eavesdropping Devices, GPS Trackers, wireless pinhole cameras, Phone Card Readers, Stealth Wireless Headsets, Body Wires, and more new forms and variations of spy devices.

That is exactly what the AntiSpy Pro does – it stays on guard for your privacy.

Why Is the AntiSpy Pro the Most Wanted Anti-Spy Detector This Year?

Typically, reliable anti-spy devices cost starting from several hundred dollars, at least. AntiSpy Pro costs only a fraction of that price and is reliable in finding 99% of hidden cameras, bugs, invisible headsets, SIM card bugs, etc.

  • Detects 99% of Modern Bugs and Hidden Cameras.
  • Latest Technology Anti Spy Detector.
  • Can Detect Hidden Cameras, Audio Bugs, SIM Card Bugs and GPS Trackers.
  • A Must Have for Your Stay in Hotel and Personal Safety.
  • Perfect for Confidential Meetings, Dressing Rooms, Bathrooms, Cars etc.
  • Adjustable Ultra High Sensitivity.
  • Easy-to-Carry and Easy-to-Use.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery (up to 5 hours).

How Does It Work?


Turn the switch ON. The power indicator lights up in blue.


Red light scintillation indicates if there is an emitter (emitter strength from 1 to 5).


Adjust the potentiometer enlarging or narrowing the search range or use Laser scanning to locate a hidden device.


Locate a hidden spying device.

What Customers Are Saying


Average Ratings

Alex - 2 days ago

I tested AntiSpy on a lot of different stuff in my house such as my wi-fi light switches, an actual GPS tracker, and a spy camera that I bought recently. Every single feature of this device worked as advertised! Recommended!

Joanna - 4 days ago

I am using it while traveling to determine how safe I am in my hotel room. As a single female it is essential that I be security conscious. It is a keeper and I highly recommend it.

Mike - 7 days ago

It is really easy to use, i took it out the box, and even without looking at the manual, i knew right away how it works. I use my phone to test it, it is unbelievable sensitive. Love it!

Emma - 10 days ago

Wow it works really great. It's so nice to fall asleep with peace in mind in some airbnb. But this one passed all the tests i threw it. It's a must.

Don’t Be A Victim

Take care of your close ones' privacy, your business, and yourself with help from AntiSpy Pro! Don't let snoops, stalkers, competitors intrude in your privacy, steal your business secrets, or even blackmail you.