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    Why Do We Age And Why NMN Plays Important Role In That?

    One of the key molecules that is involved in many aspects of aging is NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), a coenzyme that is essential for various cellular processes, such as energy production, DNA repair, gene expression, and stress responses. NAD+ is also required for the activity of sirtuins, a family of enzymes that regulate cell growth, metabolism, and longevity

    NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide, a naturally occurring molecule that helps your body produce NAD+ and is a key molecule that is involved in many cellular processes, such as energy production, DNA repair, gene expression, and cellular stress responses. NAD+ is essential for maintaining the health and function of your cells, tissues, and organs.

    However, as you age, your NAD+ levels decline significantly. This decline is associated with many age-related changes and diseases, such as fatigue, loss of muscle strength, cognitive impairment, skin aging, metabolic disorders, and inflammation.

    Why Can’t I Just Take NAD+ Supplements Instead Of NMN?

    NAD+ is a large molecule that cannot easily cross the cell membrane and enter the cells where it is needed. NAD+ also has a short half-life in the blood, meaning that it is quickly degraded by enzymes or excreted by the kidneys. Therefore, taking NAD+ supplements will not have a significant impact on cellular NAD+ levels or provide the desired benefits.

    The best way is to take NAD+ precursor: NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide). These are smaller molecules that can be converted to NAD+ inside the cells through a chemical process. NMN has been shown to be rapidly absorbed and converted to NAD+ in various tissues.

    How Is Ageless NMN Different From Other “Anti-Aging Products”?

    Ageless NMN simultaneously supports your cellular health, energy, and longevity.

    Comparable anti-aging products have only one or few effects, without being really effective, because they do not address the root cause of aging, which is the decline of NAD+ levels in the body.

    Not only that: Numerous products that claim to “rejuvenate” and “revitalize” your body use ingredients that are synthetic, low-quality, or have potential side effects.

    We have ensured that Ageless NMN contains only pure NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), a natural molecule that is proven to boost NAD+ levels and activate sirtuins, the enzymes that regulate cell growth, metabolism, and longevity.

    When is the best to take NMN?

    You can take NMN twice or once daily (preferably in the morning, given it can sometimes boost energy).

    How much NMN should I take?

    If you’re younger than 35, you can start with 500 mg/day (1 capsule of Ageless NMN), and after 1-2weeks, increase to 1000 mg (2 capsules of Ageless NMN) to see what feels better.

    If you’re older than 35, start with 1000 mg/day (2 capsules of Ageless NMN), then increase to 1500-2000 mg (3-4 capsules of Ageless NMN) to see what feels better.

    Should I break the capsule for better absorption?

    No, when you take NMN orally, it will be absorbed. Recent research shows that NMN is well absorbed when taken orally by the gastrointestinal system, and there is no need to break it down or melt it under your tongue.

    How do I store my NMN?

    Ideally, you store it in a cool, dry place. You can also keep it in the refrigerator.

    Is Ageless NMN By WOW!Health Natural Or Synthetic?

    Ageless NMN by WOW!Health does not contain any synthetic or artificial ingredients that may harm your health or the environment.

    Ageless NMN by WOW!Health is also vegan friendly, gluten free, and manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

    How Long Will It Take To Feel The Difference After Taking Ageless NMN By WOW!Health?

    NMN works almost instantly, increasing NMN levels in your body within a minute. NAD+ levels increase an hour later.

    Within several weeks you should begin to feel the benefits. As a result, you may feel and look much younger, have more energy, strength, and stamina, improved skin, have a sharper mind, better sleep, and experience many other benefits like so many people around the globe who have discovered the potential of NMN.