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    What is OllaHeater Holder?

    OllaHeater Holder is a special accessory that is made for the OllaHeater. It allows you to place the OllaHeater anywhere you want, not just in the wall outlet. You can enjoy the warmth of the OllaHeater on your table, on your kitchen counter, next to your work desk, or anywhere else you need it.

    How does OllaHeater Holder work?

    OllaHeater Holder is a simple and easy-to-use device that holds the OllaHeater securely and connects it to a power source. It comes with a long cord that you can plug into any standard socket. You just need to insert the OllaHeater into the holder and turn it on. The holder will keep the OllaHeater stable and safe while it heats up your space.

    How long is the cord of OllaHeater Holder?

    The cord of OllaHeater Holder is 1.25 meters / 50 inches long. This gives you enough flexibility to move the OllaHeater around your room and find the best spot for it. You don’t have to worry about the cord being too short or getting tangled.

    Is OllaHeater Holder compatible with other heaters?

    No, OllaHeater Holder is only compatible with the OllaHeater. It is specifically designed to fit the shape and size of the OllaHeater and to match its style and performance. Other heaters may not fit in the holder or may cause damage to it.