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    How Do WOW!White Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

    WOW!white teeth whitening kit uses a light-activated gel to penetrate the surface of your teeth and break down stains and discoloration. The LED light helps to accelerate the whitening process and achieve faster more effective results.

    Is WOW!White Teeth Whitening Kit Safe?

    Yes, for us at WOW!white safety comes first. WOW!white is safe, peroxide-free, non-sensitive, and non-UV. However, following the instructions provided with your kit is important, and only leaving the light on for a short time, as this could potentially cause sensitivity.

    When Will I See The First Results?

    You may see some improvement in the color of your teeth after using an LED teeth whitening kit. With regular use, you can expect an average improvement of 2 shades in the whiteness of your teeth after about seven days.

    How Do I Use WOW!white Teeth Whitening Kit?

    Connect the LED Accelerator to the mouth tray. Apply 1/4 Gel from the syringe to the upper and 1/4 to the lower inside of the mouth tray (for ease, it is suggested you hold the tray vertically). Place mouth tray in mouth, ensuring each tooth is coated in the gel. Wipe away any excess gel touching the gums or lips. Turn on the LED light and leave for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, turn off the LED light and remove the tray from the mouth. Use the WOW!white syringes, accelerator, and silicone tray for 10 minutes every day for seven days.

    How Do I Clean The Mouthpiece?

    Remove the mouthpiece after use, unplug it, and rinse with water. You may also use gentle hand soap on the device for extra cleaning. Dry off, replace into holder, and store.

    How Long Do I Have To Wait Before Eating?

    We recommend waiting an hour to a half before eating and drinking again.

    What Comes In The Box?

    The box comes with WOW!white LED Teeth Whitening Device, Mouth Tray, 3 x 3ml WOW!hite™ Whitening Gel Syringes, Professional 3D Teeth Shade Grade, and User Manual.