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    What Is A Portable Air Cooler?

    Designed to be moved from room to room with ease, a portable air cooler IceBox personal air cooler is a much smaller cooling appliance that doesn’t require permanent installation.

    Does IceBox Portable Air Cooler Require Any Installation?

    Nope. It works out of the box and is super simple to use. You can begin cooling any room in less than a minute.

    How Do I Charge The IceBox?

    IceBox Portable Cordless Air Cooler has built-in rechargeable batteries and a USB charging cable.

    Can IceBox Be Used Also With Other Power Supplies?

    Yes. You can use IceBox either cordless with built-in rechargeable batteries (up to 5 hours), or any USB power supply like a notebook, power bank, or wall charger with an adapter.

    Will The IceBox Irritate My Skin And Make It Dry Like Air-Conditioning Units?

    No! The IceBox will not make your skin dry or irritated. Quite the opposite – IceBox filters out particles like dust and allergens and 99% of pathogens, helping those suffering from the heavy dust interior or the pollen-filled exterior, leaving the air that comes out crisp, clean, and safe.

    Is The IceBox Portable Air Cooler Safe To Use When Sleeping?

    Absolutely yes. The device is extremely quiet, and it’s perfect for the bedroom.