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    What is MosQiller?

    MosQiller is a very effective bug zapper that kills a number of flying insects such as wasps, mosquitos, and flies to keep them away from you, your family, your kitchen during meal prep, or any other place or occasion flying insects may bother you and your loved ones.

    How Does the MosQiller Work?

    Most flying insects are attracted to ultraviolet light as they find it easier to detect than visible light. As the insect flies toward the MosQiller’s LED light, it reaches the small gap between two electrically-charged wire mesh grids and completes the circuit. Next, you’ll hear a ‘zap’ as an electric current flows through the insect and vaporizes it. You can then hygienically dispose of the insect husks via a catchment tray.

    Is the mosquito zapper more effective than the mosquito trap?

    Although mosquito traps provide some protection from insects, bug zappers are much more efficient in killing flying insects than mosquito traps.

    Is the MosQiller Using Chemicals to Kill Bugs?

    No, MosQiller zap device does not utilize any harmful chemicals or produce an unpleasant smell to get rid of the mosquitoes. MosQiller uses an electric coil in a technique that charging the LED indicator attracts insects and afterward kills them.

    Does the MosQiller present risk of fire hazard?

    No, the MosQiller does not represent more of a fire hazard risk than any other electrical device.

    Is It Easy to Clean the MosQiller?

    Yes, it is effortless to clean it – empty the bottom shell into the trash, and that’s it.

    How to Use the MosQiller?

    Turn the MosQiller on, and it will start attracting insects, luring them to fly toward its purple Led light. If you are out camping or hiking, hang it on a tree, and if you are in the bedroom, you can place the MosQiller on your lampstand. Once mosquitoes are attracted and fly near the light, they will be sucked in by a suction fan and afterward trapped in a cage where they cannot fly out. The cage has a dehydration accelerator that quickens the insects’ death by sucking out all the water in their bodies.

    How long does the battery last?

    The MosQiller’s ultra-high capacity battery lasts up to 12 hours without a charge.

    What's in the box?

    The box includes the MosQiller bug zapper device, USB charging cable, and cleaning brush.