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MassageGun Pro: The Most Affordable and Effective Personal Massage Tool with the Size of a Smartphone

Avoid expensive trips to a masseuse with the high-frequency, multi-speed, MassageGun Pro, designed to effectively reduce muscle soreness and soft tissue pain while also increasing blood flow. This affordable massage gun strikes a never seen before balance between power and size.

Why Do So Many Customers Love the MassageGun Pro?



Next-Generation High-Frequency Technology


The pulse technology utilized by the MassageGun Pro replicates the soft-tissue pain relief of a masseuse or chiropractor. Why risk your wallet or your safety trying to receive the relief you need? Achieve the same results, without the costly medical expenses, by using the MassageGun Pro.


Easy to Carry Anywhere


MassageGun Pro is your pocket-sized partner, giving you the highest quality muscle treatment with unparalleled portability. The MassageGun Pro is the perfect antidote for the sore, post-workout body. After intensive training, the pulse technology from the MassageGun Pro can be used to quickly diffuse lactic acid build-up while also increasing blood flow to the affected area. This means less pain and more gain. 


4 Massage Heads with 6 Speeds


Tissue pain and muscle soreness affect everyone differently, which is why the MassageGun Pro provides 4 different interchangeable massage heads designed to target specific muscle areas. And with 6 speeds of varying intensities, you will be able to target the desired area with the optimal massage head and pulse strength required for effective treatment.


Ultra Compact, Lightweight and Low-Noise


Muscle pain can affect us anywhere and at any time, and not just due to exercise. The MassageGun Pro’s long battery life, ultra lightweight (460g / 1lb) build, and ultra-low noise (45dB) production make it a mobile and discreet massage tool perfect for the daily grind.


Easy to Use for Self-Massage


With an easy-to-use, self-administrable, gun design, the MassageGun Pro can be utilized to effectively target hard-to-reach muscle areas. 

What Makes the MassageGun Pro Better than Other Massage Tools?


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What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:
  • Elaine (Sales)

  • 2 days ago
  • "This has changed my life.”

    “This has changed my life. After long days at the office, I would get awful hand and lower back pains, but now with my MassageGun Pro, I am able to quietly do quick massage sessions while at my desk. With its long battery life and light material, I can take my MassageGun Pro anywhere. Now I feel comfortable all the time.”

  • Bryce (Personal Trainer)

  • 5 days ago
  • "With my new MassageGun Pro, I can target my muscle pain right after my workout. ”

    “Pain is a part of working out. Or at least, so I thought. With my new MassageGun Pro, I can target my muscle pain right after my workout. Depending on the level of pain, or the specific muscle, I can customize my MassageGun Pro to fit my exact needs with all of the heads and speeds available…Take it from me, working out doesn’t have to be painful - at least after the workout.”

  • Rachel (Fashion)

  • 8 days ago
  • "I haven’t slept better!”

    “Wow. Ever since I got my MassageGun Pro my husband has been able to deliver me the most relaxing massages after work. I haven’t slept better! Now I’m catching myself falling more in love with him… and the MassageGun Pro."


    The Most Affordable Professional Ultra Compact Massage Gun Right at Your Fingertips



    Stop paying for unnecessary medical bills for masseuses that don’t understand your body. With an easy-to-carry, ultra lightweight grip, and long battery life, empower your personal massage experience with the MassageGun Pro. Fight any day and target any pain with the MassageGun Pro’s tailored line-up of 4 different massage heads with powerful 3200 RPM impact and 6 different massage speeds.


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