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    What is BRUSHPal?

    BRUSHPal is a cordless spin scrubber, an electric cleaning tool that uses a rotating brush head to clean various surfaces, such as sinks, tiles, shoes, and countertops.

    Is the BRUSHPal rechargeable?

    Yes, BRUSHPal has a built-in rechargeable battery for your convenience. It can be easily charged using the included charging cable.

    How long does the BRUSHPal battery last?

    The battery life of BRUSHPal will depend on how frequently you use it and for how long. Generally, the battery will last for up to two hours of continuous use.

    What kind of surfaces can BRUSHPal clean?

    BRUSHPal is designed to clean various surfaces, including sinks, stovetops, countertops, house windows, shoes, and even a car. It has three replaceable brush heads (sponge, soft, and lamb fleece cover) to suit different cleaning needs.

    Is BRUSHPal suitable for outdoor use?

    While BRUSHPal is primarily designed for indoor use, it can be used to clean outdoor surfaces as well, such as patio furniture and outdoor tiles.

    How long do the replacement brush heads last?

    The replacement brush heads for the BRUSHPal are designed to be long-lasting and durable. While the lifespan of the brush heads may vary based on usage and cleaning frequency, the main brush head is particularly wear-resistant and can last for an extended period of time before needing to be replaced.

    Is the BRUSHPal water-resistant?

    Yes, the BRUSHPal is water-resistant and can handle light splashes of water. However, it should not be fully submerged in water or used in the shower. Please be sure to keep the charging port covered when the device is not in use to prevent water from entering the device.

    What comes in the BRUSHPal box?

    The BRUSHPal box includes the following: the device itself, a charging cable, three replaceable brush heads (sponge brush, soft brush, and lamb fleece cover), and a wall-mount bracket for easy storage.